Terms of Use

GRNET Persistent Identifiers Service - PID Service

  1. Introduction

The GRNET Persistent Identifiers Service - PID Service (hereinafter referred to as “service”) is provided by the Greek Research and Technology Network SA / GRNET SA to the academic and research community, in order to promote academic, educational and research aims.

  1. Users

The service is addressed to the Academic and Research community (students, professors, researchers etc).

  1. Disallowed use

The service is available to beneficiaries in order to cover their wider educational, research and academic needs. The direct or indirect use of the service in order to promote any kind of commercial aim is expressly prohibited as well as any use, which violates by any means the laws and provisions in force.

It is prohibited to use the service in order to download, publish or distribute content:

  • Which is inappropriate, defamatory, illegal, or obscene.
  • Which infringes the patent, trademark, copyright, trade secrets or other proprietary rights of any party.
  • Which promotes and / or provides educational information with regard to illegal activities and / or promotes natural violence and / or damage against groups or persons.
  • The malicious use of the service for any kind of electronic attacks aiming to obstruct the use of the service itself or the use of third services, to take advantage of vulnerabilities, to have illegal access to the systems of third parties and to hack personal data is prohibited. More specifically but not exclusively:

It is prohibited to act in any manner which aims to inhibit and / or interrupt the function of the service and/or the servers and/or the networks which are connected to the service as well as to ignore the claims, the procedures, the policies or the regulation of the networks connected to the service. - It is prohibited to obstruct and/or inhibit any other user from appropriate use of the service. - It is prohibited to create user accounts through automated media or using false pretexts. - It is prohibited to use, promote, assist or inform third parties with regard to the use of the service in any illegal manner or in a manner that infringes the terms of use. - It is prohibited to defame, insult, harass, persecute, threaten or in any other way to violate the legal rights (such as the right of privacy and the right of publicity) of third parties. - It is prohibited to delete any kind of indications of copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights which are included in the service.

  1. Copyright

All of the above is applied and in force solely for the legal content and only on condition that the use and publication of the content does not violate the law. The use and distribution of the content, which violates the copyright of third parties, violates also the present terms of use. GRNET SA is not in any way responsible nor can control the existence of such rights. Consequently, GRNET SA considers that every user is a holder / owner of the aforesaid rights and guarantees – by accepting the present terms – that he/she has the necessary rights so that the use and publication of the content does not infringe the law and the relevant provisions.

  1. Interruption or cancellation

In case of infringement of the terms of use of the service, GRNET SA can revise, reexamine and / or cease providing its service to the infringing user and/ or withdraw the content which has been saved by him/her without any prior notice.

  1. Privacy

In order for GRNET SA to provide its service without any impediments, GRNET SA can collect general statistical data regarding the flow and optimization / development of the network and computer resources of the infrastructure. The information, which will eventually be collected through the service by GRNET SA, will be used according to the institutional framework in force in Greece and in the European Union. This data can be used in order to monitor the function of the service, to improve the quality of its function, or for research purposes, and can be published or distributed to third parties after a prior appropriate elaboration so that personal data of the managers and / or of the final users are not disclosed.

  1. Disclaim of the responsibility

GRNET SA does not bear any responsibility for the content and the data distributed through the service. The decision on the lawfulness of the content – data and / or the decision for the posting and distribution of specific content and data belongs exclusively to the user.

GRNET SA takes all necessary measures in order to prevent any abuse, arbitrariness, damage, content and data loss; however, GRNET SA does not warrant that such a possibility does not exist in any case and does not bear any responsibility in such an event. The users of the service must guard their own backups to deal with such incidents.

GRNET SA takes all necessary measures in order to achieve the greatest availability of the service; however, GRNET SA does not provide any availability warranty in any case such that it can be held accountable and/ or responsible for direct or indirect damages which are due to loss of the service for any time period.

GRNET SA can not be held accountable and / or responsible in any case whatsoever for the data and content loss distributed through the service as well as for any relevant damage. Moreover, GRNET SA does not guarantee nor bears any responsibility for the accuracy of the data and of the content available through its service.

Opinions expressed or texts published through the service do not represent in any case whatsoever official opinions of GRNET SA, which can not be held responsible for its content.

According to the law concerning personal data protection GRNET SA does not control or monitor in any way the content of the distributed information and of the distributed data, so GRNET SA disclaims any kind of responsibility for eventual distribution on its network, products, services or through which the ownership or distribution constitutes copyright infringement or other offence.

GRNET SA will make every possible effort towards the uninterrupted and reliable operation of the service. Notwithstanding, GRNET SA can cease providing the service and / or modify certain configurations of the service at any time without prior notification. The interruption of provision of the service automatically means the interruption of its use by its users without any right of indemnification.

  1. Application of the terms

The present terms of use supersede any verbal or written prior arrangement or other contract, convention, agreement related to the service. Every user has the right to withdraw his / her consent to the terms of use, but if he/she does so, then GRNET SA will cease supplying the service.

The terms of use are governed by the Greek law. Any dispute whatsoever regarding these terms will be resolved by the courts of law in Athens.